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Company News >> Protection function of motorized valve actuator

 Motorized valve actuator is a kind of driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion, It uses some kind of driving energy and works under certain control signals. With the continuous improvement of motorized valve actuator function, especially in the protection function, the following details:

1. Torque protection
To prevent actuator in the middle of over torque, This function not only protects the valve, but also protects the actuator itself. The torque is set by the setting device.

2. Motorized valve position limit protection
Actuator runs to close and open the limit position automatically stop (with a set of working modes).

3. Automatic phase adjustment
electric actuator automatic detection of three-phase power supply terminal of the access, by the appropriate logic operation, the decision of the implementation of the operation of the mechanism when the AC contactor, in order to ensure the electrical connection to the right. If there is no automatic phase adjustment function, may be due to damage to the valve and connection order error, Because of the automatic phase adjustment function, the actuator power supply wiring can not consider the sequence.

4. Instantaneous reversal protection
When the actuator receives commands for the opposite direction, it automatically adds a time delay, to prevent unnecessary wear of the valve shaft and gear box.

5. Power shortage phase protection
Motorized valve actuator has a perfect power supply shortage protection function. It uses a combination of monitoring voltage and current method, It can't only detect the phase of power supply when the motor is at rest, also can detect the power shortage in the operation of the motor. So that prohibit motor operation, to avoid the lack of phase operation caused by motor overheating Notice:The vast majority of the motor phase is in the motor running process.

6.Valve stuck when the protection
What ever the actuator to open or close the direction of action, The torque protection function is temporarily disabled within 5~10 seconds after the signal is sent to the motor. (If actuator doesn't act in the time of the 5~10 seconds, Control circuit is cut off the power supply of the motor.) This feature can be achieved when the valve stuck solution card. 

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